A showcase for local talent

Entries in the horticulture classes

With the deadline for entries getting closer, now is the time to think about which classes to compete in at the 2017 Show.

Whether you are a gardener, a baker or a crook-maker (or all three) there's an opportunity for everyone, so why not show off your skills, or use Dalmally Show as your inspiration to try something new this year.

Full details of all classes are in the Schedule.

We hope to add to this section with ideas, links and more information in the coming months. In the meantime, this lovely blog, the words of Dalmally-born writer and crafter Penny Miller, gives a flavour of one local family's experience of creating and competing at Dalmally Show.

"We are primarily interested in the Industrial Tent. This is where the cakes; biscuits, scones, jams, jellies, and crafts are displayed and judged. This tent is where a competitive spirit, dormant for 364 of the 365 days in every year, comes gushing forth like a well spring, and otherwise composed, gentle folks (like my wee Mum and me) reveal a hitherto unsuspected killer streak.

"The excitement begins in April, when the show schedule is sent out, and initial decisions are made about which competitions, or 'classes' we will enter. Then comes the preparation. Knitting, sewing or crafts are done first, and stored away carefully. Jams and jellies next; the best jar from each batch put aside for the show. Last comes the perishables; cakes, biscuits, scones, dumplings, pancakes, all made in the few days prior to the show, then transported north the night before (Dalmally is about 70 miles away), in tins and boxes, to finally be delivered to the show ground early on the morning of the show.

"Those of us who have spent the preceding weeks or months preparing our knitting, sewing, jams, crafts and cakes, lay out our entries, have a last fuss and fret over them, eye up the competition and leave, as the tent closes for a few hours for the all- important judging."

Read more here.